Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nail Color of the Week

Hey lovelies!! 
So I finally got around to painting my nail while I was procrastinating or "taking a break" from writing my english paper. :]
So as I said from my last blog its one of my new favorite nail polishes, it gives such great coverage and it is a great pop of color. I applies 2 coats, but if you want a more sheer look you can opt out for just 1 coat. Though they say it is a red with a pink undertone with some slight gold shimmer to it. I personally think it is a hot pink with a cool undertone. I would definitely recommend this color to anyone especially if you're not really a pink person, but have always wanted to try it, this has to be the best place to start.
Until next time, smile cause its good for the soul.

<3 always,

*all products shown I personally bought . These products are not samples. Everything posted is based on my own personal opinion and knowledge.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mini nail haul

Hey kiddies!!

I'm soo soo soo sorry I've been lagging to post but I did come back with a mini nail polish haul. 

from left to right
dive bar . sexy divide . a crewed interest . go overboard . faith
swatches left to right
(sorry they weren't in the same order)
a crewed interest. faith. sexy divide . dive bar. go overboard


dive bar
part of the new years metallic collection. its a nice shimmery dark teal
with a hint of vibrant purple shimmer. 2 coats applied

sexy divide
also part of the new years metallic collection. Beautiful & vibrant true purple
a very bright pop of color. 2 coats applied

a crewed interest
part of the new 2012 spring collection. a cute peach color
a bit runny & sheer but a goodie. 2-3 coats applied

go overboard
from the go over board collection. a creamy sea blue/teal
very opaque. perfect with 2 coats

part of the zoya jewels collection. a bright red mixed with a bright cool pink &
copper undertones. beautiful one of my new favorites. 2 coats applied

 I also picked up a Nail Tek foundation II - ridge filling base coat. I love it as a base coat! it really primes the nail for the color polish to go on top :]

Overall I'm happy with everything I bought I'll post a color of the week when I stop being lazy & get to painting my nails. Until then try something new explore colors & smile cause it good for the soul :]

<3 always, 

*all products shown I personally bought . These products are not samples. Everything posted is based on my own personal opinion and knowledge.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The beginning...

Hey everyone!!

So I'm completely new to the blogging world & everything that comes with it, and it been a long request from family and close friends for me to start one. Please bare with me I will get the hang of it soon I hope.. but I do hope to grow & improve as time goes on. A little bit about myself and what this blog will be about I'm just another average dysfunctional girl in the world finding an escape through the beauty scene. I'm in love with colors & I love to play & experiment with anything from make-up, clothes, shoes, nail polishes & everything in between. I intend this blog to be a little insight to my escape into the beauty world, care to join me? Please do :].  I'm completely open to any suggestions & ideas that come my ways. Hopefully I will get the chance post a nail design & a nail polish haul. Til next time! Smile 'cause its good for the soul! Take care.

<3 always
      beautysaurus :]