Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mermaid Tutorial

Hello my darlings!
So today I thought I would share a tutorial with you. I did this nail look for my best friend before she left for Hawaii for school. Down below are the pictures of the colors I used, the process, and the finished look.


 What you will need: 
1. Your choice of nail polishes
2. Make up foundation sponge

(left to right)

Zoya - Miley
OPI - Austin-tatious Turquoise
China Glaze - Deviantly Daring
China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic
Essie - Dive Bar
CM - Ashy Green (thin design brush)

(left to right)

1. Apply your favorite base coat. (Nail Tek Foundation II)
2. 2x Coats of your base color (Miley)
3. Start gradient effect (sponge method) - color one (Austin-tatious Turquoise)
4. Sponge method - color two (Deviantly Daring)
5. Sponge method - color three (Rodeo Fanatic)
6. Sponge method (Dive Bar)
7. Draw small scales (Ashy Green)
8. Apply your favorite top coat (China Glaze - No Chip)


  • Let the base color dry a little bit - doesn't have to be completely. This prevents the base color from being picked up by the sponge while sponging the next layer
  • If you don't have a nail pen or nail polish with a design brush; pour out a little bit of nail polish & use a tooth pick.
  • Let scales dry before applying top coat or it will smudge or smear the scaled :(

I know used a lot of colors, my best friend & just couldn't decide :) You are more than welcome to use more or less colors. I listed the colors that I used above but you can use whatever colors you have. Be creative. Good luck!! Let me know how it goes! 'Til then smile cause its good for the soul :)

<3 always,

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'M BACK!! Nail polish haul :]

Why hello there my beauties!! 
Its been a while.... I know I know tsk tsk tsk me! But I'm back and I have a giant post for you guys. So lets get started! :]

china glaze - golden meringue & orly - ingenue

base coat: nail tek foundation II
base color: golden meringue | 3 coats (very sheer)
2nd color: ingenue | 1 coat (sponge) gradient / fade effect 
top coat: china glaze - no chip



rodeo fanatic
'08 rodeo diva collection. shimmery dark teal - leans more on the blue side.

gussied up green
'08 rodeo diva collection. shimmery dark forest green

flirty tankini
'12 summer neon collection. pinky coral color. looks matte in the bottle 
but if you look closely there is a slight silver shimmer.

black diamond
'07 winter ski collection. dark gray - black with shimmer
reminds me of concrete

'12 bohemian luster chrome collection. duo chrome shimmer.

no plain jane
purple base with gold/brown accent.

rare & radiant
gold base with a yellow-green accent

light teal base - leaning on the green with a light blue accent

deviantly daring
teal base - leaning on blue side with green accent
reminds me of the ocean :]

want my bawdy
violet blue . only color without a duo chrome finish. just chrome.


austin-tatious turquoise
 '11 texas collection. sheer teal blue base with green accent

number one nemesis
'12 spiderman collection. shimmery murky dark gray/green with an accent of gold


matte about you
top coat. amazing product! absolute LOVE<3 
with one coat any polish is turned matte

dive bar
'11 new years metallic collection. shimmery dark teal blue base
with a vibrant purple accent

'12 stylenomics collection. flat maroon/magenta

'12 holiday soiree collection. purple/magenta shimmer base with pink shimmer accents

I'd love to know what you think about the colors. Please feel free to leave a comment below :]
Smile cause its good for the soul.

<3 always,

*all products shown I personally bought . These products are not samples. Everything posted is based on my own personal opinion and knowledge.