Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby feet nail tutorial

Hey everyone!

ITS A BOY!! I got inspired by the soon arrival of my godson :D 

So I wouldn't exactly call this a tutorial like I promised, but I will write out step by step how I designed my nails.

1. Apply your favorite base coat

2. Apply 1 coat of white as a primer/base
(I did this because the polishes I used were very translucent)

3. Gradient effect with green stripe
gradient using a foundation sponge. 
I sandwiched mint green in between sky blue
Rock sponge side to side till your happy with the color.

4. Sole of foot
With a dotting tool make a kidney bean shape
I used a medium size & dragged with a smaller dotting tool

5. Toes
With a dotting tool make 5 dots 
remember where the big toe is should be a tiny bit bigger

6. Apply favorite top coat

You don't have to use this many colors, I was just very indecisive. :P
Be creative & have fun with it. Let me know what your thoughts are.
Feel free to share your version if you try it.
Good luck!  Until next time smile; its good for the soul :)

<3 always,